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Disorderly Conduction

4/20 Bundle Package Deal DC Cobra 3D Printed E-Nail & Caddy

4/20 Bundle Package Deal DC Cobra 3D Printed E-Nail & Caddy

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DC Cobra Coil
Caddy Color


3D Printed Digital E-Nail Controller. Printed in house compatible with all our DC Coils. Two year warranty on internal parts. Made to work perfectly with our DC Cobra Coil. New DC Caddy helps keep your controller steady no matter what angle you choose for your coil. Caddy includes 4x 10/14mm Reducers Glow & Black Available 

Colors Available UV Orange, UV Green, UV Blue, UV Yellow, Red, Purple, Pink & Rainbow"


1x DC Cobra 3D Printed Enail Controller "Pick Color Option"

1x DC Bag with Power Cord

1x DC Caddy "Color Options Black or Glow" with 4x 10/14mm Reducers

1x DC Cobra Coil "Any Size"

1x Travel Pack of Glob Mops X DC 

How to Choose The Best Size Cobra Coil For Your Quartz?

"ONLY FOR BUCKETS" XL Cobra Coil fits most standard 24-25mm quartz Bucket Styles ONLY "Recommended heat temperature: 500-600 F"

"MOST POPULAR" *NEW v2 XXL Cobra Coil fits 30mm Buckets, XL & XXL Slurpers, HE Towers & Most QCB Scouts Quartz   "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"

"MADE FOR QCB DESIGN" XXXL QCB Charmer Cobra Coil 36mm Wide "Not as tall to make sure joint doesn't get to hot"   "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"

OUR 5Pin XLR Wiring Diagram

Pin1, Pin2 are power for coil;Pin3, TC+;Pin4, TC-;Pin5, Ground;

This Information can be used with DIY controllers. PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK IF USING ANOTHER 5PIN XLR LAYOUT


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