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Black Friday v2 1120 PeliNail & Cobra Coil Package Deal

Black Friday v2 1120 PeliNail & Cobra Coil Package Deal

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Limited Black Friday Package Deal

New V2 PeliNail 1120 With Any Size Cobra Coil 

The PELINAIL blends beauty, function, size and storage , with TEN colors to choose from. The V2 PELINAIL 1120 is housed inside a crushproof case, dust proof, water resistant, American made 1120 Pelican Case. The PELINAIL is the best electronic nail on the market for vaporizing concentrates. Take full control over your PELINAIL by customizing your settings at a consistent temperature for optimal vaporization. NO MORE butane torch! 1120 PeliNail has space with Peel & Pluck Foam on the inside to store Bangers, Caps, Jars and More!

Best Size Cobra Coil For You?

XL Cobra Coil fits most standard 24-25mm quartz Bucket Styles ONLY "Recommended heat temperature: 500-600 F"

XXL Cobra Coil fits most 30mm Buckets, QCB Scouts & Smaller Slurpers "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"

*NEW v2 XXL Cobra Coil fits 30mm Buckets, XL & XXL Slurpers, HE Towers & Most QCB Scouts Quartz   "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"

XXXL QCB Charmer Cobra Coil 36mm Wide "Not as tall to make sure joint doesn't get to hot"   "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"


1 x V2 PeliNail 1120 Unit "Any Color"

1 x 6ft Removable Black Power Cord

1 x DC Cobra Coil "Your Choice On Size"

1 x Glob Mops x DC Travel Pack

1 x Pelisaver Joint Cover & Bubble Cap Stand "Random Color"

1x DC Stand


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