Eross 4.0 Quartz Enail Banger with DC Cage Coil
  • Eross 4.0 Quartz Enail Banger with DC Cage Coil



    1X 10MM FEMALE 90 & 2x 14MM MALE 45

    Best Quartz #enail Combo on the market! Team it up with one of our 4 PeliNail models today. Never worry about your coiling falling off your banger or not having a perfect fit. With a little bit of slack around the coil to quartz this allows the coil to move at ease along with allowing you to let the coil cool on banger with on consequences. Unreal flavor and super easy to clean! Fits the same insert for 25mm bangers. Includes1x Eross 4.0 American Quartz Banger1x DC Kevlar Cage Coil2x Pins "Comes in 14mm Male 90 & 45 10mm Male 90 & 45 10mm Female 90 COIL or DABBERBOX** Diagram for how XLR is wired on DC CoilsPin1, Pin2 are power for coil;Pin3, TC+;Pin4, TC-;Pin5, Ground;

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