• Disorderly Conduction 3D Budget Enail Kit with Eross 4.0 Banger

    "10mm Male &14mm Male 90 OUT OF STOCK" RESTOCK NEXT BEGINNING OF AUGUST. RESERVE YOURS TODAY TO BE GUARANTEED ONE ON THE NEXT DROP" New 3D printed Enclosure by Pelisaver! DC Budget Enail made by Disorderly Conduction. It's a electronic nail used for vaporizing concentrates and gives the user full control over setting a consistent temperature for optimal vaporization, without the use of, or need for, a butane torch. Includes: 1 x DC 3D Printed Enail 1 x 6ft Removeable Black Power Cord 1 x DC 24mm Cage Coil 1x Marshmellow Bubble Cap 1x Eross 4.0 Quartz Banger Features: Easy to use and precise push-button digital temperature control - no more guessing, no more timersNo more butane torches or open flames! This does save money over timeEncased in a 3D Printed Box By Pelisaver5-pin Female XLR Port compatible with all Disorderly Conduction Coil sizes and styles as well as select D-Nail Coils, EZ Bake, ShatterBox and other compatible 5-pin XLR Coils 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on internal partsAll Enails are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Orange County, California, USA *DC KEVLAR COILS DO NOT WORK WITH: HIGH5VAPE PRODUCTS, CASA COIL or DABBERBOX** Diagram for how XLR is wired on DC CoilsPin1, Pin2 are power for coil;Pin3, TC+;Pin4, TC-;Pin5, Ground;This Information can be used to match up with other enail specs with 5PIN XLR.

      Banger Joint Size

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