DC Portable Battery Enail Kit
  • DC Portable Battery Enail Kit

    1-2 week wait time. 6/14 DC portable enail with power charger and 24mm Cage or 25mm Cage DC 24volt Coil. Total run time 5-6 hours with a 6 hour recharge. Device can also be turned on and off 3-4 times 30-45min usage each time. Not recommended to use while charging! Limited QTY ONLY TWO LEFT Specs 6"x4.5"x2" Weight Aprox 4lbs Includes: 1 x DC Portable Battery Unit 1 x DC 4Prong 25mm Cage Coil 24v "24mm Cage Coil for Eross 4.0 Banger can be provided on request in note section" 1x DC Quartz Banger 14mm Male, 10mm Male or 14mm Female 1x DC Charger Cord 1x 710 Clips "Two Pack"

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