DC Portable Battery Pack
  • DC Portable Battery Pack

    BACK IN STOCK!! Portable Battery pack from Disorderly Conduction allows you to take your PeliNail unit with you wherever your adventures may lead you! Camping, hiking, at the beach, in the hills, the only limit is your imagination with this best seller.   This awesome accessory gives you 3 USB outlets so you can also charge your favorite devices, as well as a flashlight, and of course, the 3-prong AC outlet for your PeliNail unit. A 2 hour charge cycle will provide a consistant run time of 2-3 hours.  These 24,000mAh packs max out at 85watts & we recommend use with our #PeliNail Units ONLY.  “THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT WORK WORK WITH 710coils and our controller since they are 150watts” Includes:	Disorderly Conduction Portable Battery pack 	Battery Charger Cord and Euro Adapter *Battery pack not compatible with our Y cable. It’s only able to run one coil at a time*
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      $135.00Sale Price