DC Kevlar Coil 16mm
  • DC Kevlar Coil 16mm

    SKU: COI-MM-16
    Disorderly Conduction Kevlar Coil - 16mm This is the whip and heating coil for use with all models of the PeliNail electric nail. Our heater coils feature a 5-foot long Kevlar encased cord, various coil sizes, and a standard 5-pin XLR connector.  Features:	5-pin XLR connector with Disorderly Conduction logo	Length: 5 ft. Kevlar sheathed cord	Resistance Material: Ni80Cr20 from Germany	One-Year Warranty on Coil through Disorderly Conduction	120V 100W	Also compatible with analog and digital D-Nail units, EzBake Enail, ShatterBox Enail and some other 5-pin XLR units (Please double check how your XLR port is wired with the diagram below)	DC 16mm Kevlar Coil is our most universally sized coil and is compatible with many styles of Highly Educated Titanium and Quartz, HIVE Ceramics, NewVape, Omni Nails, Quave Bangers and many more	 *WARNING* WHEN USING ANY SIZE COIL WITH QUARTZ PLEASE TAKE COIL OFF THE NAIL BEFORE THE NAIL COOLS TO AVOID CHANCE OF DAMAGING YOUR QUARTZ **DC KEVLAR COILS DO NOT WORK WITH: HIGH5VAPE PRODUCTS, CASA COIL or DABBERBOX** Diagram for how XLR is wired on DC CoilsPin1, Pin2 are power for coil;Pin3, TC+;Pin4, TC-;Pin5, Ground;This Information can be used for someone looking to use the DC Kevlar Coil with a DIY XLR port they or someone else built, but cannot be guaranteed on non-PeliNail products. If the XLR port is not wired the same way as above the Coil will not heat up and might cause damage to unit or coil. Loo
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