25mm DC Cage Coil & Quartz Combo
  • 25mm DC Cage Coil & Quartz Combo

    Easy to use clamp set up; keep your coil and quartz secured with a 710coil clip Includes1 x 25mm cage coil1 x quartz banger1 x 710coil clip  ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Disorderly Conduction Kevlar Coil - 25mm Cage This is the whip and heating coil for use with all models of the PeliNail electric nail. Our heater coils feature a 5-foot long Kevlar encased cord, various coil sizes, and a standard 5-pin XLR connector.  Features:	5-pin XLR connector with Disorderly Conduction logo	Length: 5 ft. Kevlar sheathed cord	Resistance Material: Ni80Cr20 from Germany	One-Year Warranty on Coil through Disorderly Conduction	120V 100W	Also compatible with analog and digital D-Nail units, EzBake Enail, ShatterBox Enail and some other 5-pin XLR units (Please double check how your XLR port is wired with the diagram below)	DC 25mm Kevlar Coil is compatible with XL Toro Grail, Highly Educated The Gavel , XL Eternal Quartz, XL Ionic Quartz, Joel Halen Flat Tops	 *WARNING* WHEN USING AMERICAN QUARTZ & BARREL STYLE PLEASE TAKE COIL OFF THE NAIL BEFORE THE NAIL COOLS TO AVOID CHANCE OF DAMAGING YOUR QUARTZ ** “This dose not have to be done with Cage coil/ 710 Clip set up because of added tolerance to coil” DC KEVLAR COILS DO NOT WORK WITH: HIGH5VAPE PRODUCTS, CASA COIL or DABBERBOX** Diagram for how XLR is wired on DC CoilsPin1, Pin2 are power for coil; Pin3, TC+; Pin4, TC-; Pin5, Ground;This Information can be used for someone looking to use the DC Kevlar Coil with a DIY XLR port they or someone else built, but cannot be guaranteed on non-PeliNail products. If the XLR port is not wired the same way as above the Coil will not heat up and might cause damage to unit or coil.
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