Vegas Politician Plans to Clear the Air by Establishing Legal Cannabis Lounges across Sin City

Since the state of Nevada passed their adult use recreational cannabis law in 2017, the all-too-familiar odor of secondhand marijuana smoke has become just as common as the incredibly odd sidewalk hustling impersonators or weirdos asking you if you want to go to a boobie bar.

Hell, on my last trip there, while chiefin’ right next to the fountains at Bellagio, some dude tried to trade the last few puffs of my blunt for what he claimed was a bag of coke! Hey young brother, I was born at night, but not last night, keep movin’.

With Sin City raking in tens of millions of dollars in cannabis-related revenues, the tourism industry – hotels in particular – are struggling to figure out how to cope with the aromatic new trend.

Most Vegas hotel rooms do not have windows that open, or balconies that can be accessed. Even rooms designated for smoking are not designated for weed smoking, and this leads to potheads coming up with all sorts of MacGyver-like contraptions to cover up the evidence of their completely legal cannabis.

Also on my last trip to Vegas, I essentially had my room raided by hotel staff and security.

Was my music too loud?

Was my weed too loud?

No. I was actually just dropping a few things off before heading back out or else they would have entered my room without me even being there.

Their reason?

I had taken them up on their offer to discount my stay if I would go without maid service during my 3 day visit. They said that is an automatic red flag that something suspicious may be happening.

I tried to refuse their entry. I had nothing to hide but it felt like a violation of privacy. But the armed security guard made it clear that they were absolutely coming in for a “safety check”.

Two minutes later, they were gone.

After some careful grilling of the front desk clerk, I discovered that this had nothing to do with weed, but more to do with the mass shooting in Vegas last year and new protocols that hotels are taking. But, had I been smoking weed in my room at that time, it could have led to a costly fine or even an expulsion from the hotel.

This is the dilemma every cannabis user faces when they visit Las Vegas and this is why the streets and hotels are quickly filling with pot smoke and vape pen vapors.

The new Clark County Commissioner is a cannabis advocate named Tick Segerblom and ol’ Tick believes that he has a win/win solution that should make everybody happy.

After a recent trip to San Francisco, Segerblom is more convinced than ever that the answer to the debate over public consumption is to get it out of the public eye (and nose) by allowing the establishment of indoor cannabis smoking lounges.

Segerblom says he plans to have the first retail pot lounges legally operating in Clark County within months of taking office in January 2019.

“The goal is to get these pot lounges up and running, get marijuana out of our casinos and hotels,” says Segerblom.

A common complaint against cannabis lounges in other parts of the country is that such a storefront would stand out from traditional businesses and attract the wrong sort of clientele.

Discriminatory bullshit, for sure, but even that lame argument doesn’t hold up when you are talking about Las Vegas where even the taxi cabs are wrapped in pot ads.

In fact, cannabis lounges in Las Vegas would probably be some of the most laid-back and uneventful places on the entire Strip, avoiding the violence and crime that inherently spawns from the countless bars and nightclubs in the region on a daily and nightly basis.

That’s not to say that these establishments won’t be popular or worthwhile to visit… quite the opposite, in fact. You already know that Vegas is home to some of the most magnificent hotels and attractions in the world, but it is also where you’ll find the world’s largest cannabis dispensaries like Planet 13 and Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace. So it only stands to reason that these lounges, once greenlit, will be world-class as well.

We can already picture plush dab stations equipped with top shelf Disorderly Conduction vaporizing accessories for the ultimate terp-fueled Sin City cannabis experience.

It’s a great time to be alive!

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