U.S. Attorney in CO Threatens All Legal Cannabis Companies AND Investors in Op-Ed Rant

The U.S. Attorney for the state of Colorado is a man named Bob Troyer (no relation to Verne as far as we know). Mr. Troyer got the job after President Trump inexplicably fired virtually all U.S. Attorneys across the country in order to pave the way for his own Conservative gaggle of replacements.

Troyer was one of those replacements, sworn into the role by none other than the embattled U.S. Attorney General, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions III. So it should come as no surprise that a man who would gladly lick the boots of Sessions and Trump turns out to be an outspoken anti-cannabis prohibitionist asshole.

Despite the overwhelming overall success of cannabis legalization in his state of Colorado, Troyer is unconvinced that voters made the right move by bringing the plant into the Mile High mainstream.

Troyer touts himself as a “leader” among his fellow U.S. Attorneys on the topic of pot, and in an op-ed piece published last week in the Denver Post, he let loose with an epic stream of cannabis slander that was short on facts and long on bullshit.

Citing no exact sources except for the names of random prohibitionist groups, Troyer goes full Reefer Madness in the opinion piece, stating that teen use of cannabis is up 85% since legalization.

The fact is, you’d be hard pressed to find a source that doesn’t prove the exact opposite on this very point.

Troyer doesn’t stop there, however.

He says, again with no source to back him up, that “marijuana-related” traffic deaths are up 151% since the state legalized weed. The thing is, we all know how cannabis works, and a half a toke three weeks ago can still register on a piss test today. It’s only common sense that “marijuana-related” is a very vague term that is absolutely different than “marijuana-caused”. Strike 2, Bob.

His next point of contention is a 2-parter. First he whines that the average indoor cannabis grow requires 17 times more power per square foot than an average residence. So does the average King Soopers grocery store. He moans that a cannabis plant can take up to 2.2 liters of water each day to grow but fails to mention that vast amounts of that water is reclaimed/recycled, nor does he mention that broccoli takes roughly 19 liters per day to grow. No dessert until you’ve had your greens, Bob!

Outlaw Broccoli

He warns that Colorado regulators have issued 40 recalls of potentially dangerous cannabis products, failing to realize that he is just promoting a working system that is literally weeding out the riff raff through a market demand for quality control.

He warns the naïve public about “high potency cannabis suppositories”, implying that they are marketed to kids, failing to mention, or realize, that using cannabis in that form is purely medicinal and delivers zero euphoria or “high”.

This dude even goes so far as to say that cannabis users “end up with more pain and are more likely to abuse opioids.”

The sheer level of ignorant irresponsibility in that last statement alone should tell you all that you need to know about this charlatan and who he really serves.

But of all the stupidity and/or bald-faced lies laid out above, the statement that he made that captured the most headlines was a public threat aimed at literally anyone associated in any way with the cannabis plant nationwide.

“These impacts are why you may start seeing U.S. attorneys shift toward criminally charging licensed marijuana businesses and their investors,” said Troyer in the Denver Post op-ed, adding, “After all, a U.S. attorney is responsible for public safety.”

In case the big money that is currently diving head first into the booming cannabis industry missed him the first time, Troyer repeated the threat, saying, “Now that federal enforcement has shot down marijuana grows on federal lands, the crosshairs may appropriately shift to the public harms caused by licensed businesses and their investors”.

Whether Mr. Troyer is truly this passionate in his stance against cannabis or if he’s just trying to secure his employment by talking tough like his impotent bosses in D.C. remains to be seen. But, when it comes to op-ed articles, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but in the real world we all have to deal with the same facts.

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