Top 10 Reasons to Buy a New E-Nail

Are you considering buying a new e-nail?

Many cannabis lovers consider their electronic nail to be the best investment that they have ever made – saving tons of terps and time from the first dab forward.

There are many reasons why you see the PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction in the hottest headshops and smokeshops worldwide, so check out the Top 10 Reasons to Buy an E-Nail, and then check out our online store to see how much you can save on your new electronic nail.

1. ACCURACY The PeliNail electronic nail allows you to digitally set the exact target temperature that you want. Energy is then transferred through the Kevlar-encased whip and up to the heater coil itself. That heat is then transferred to the dish of the nail you have attached to the coil.

Sadly, the vast majority of e-nails for sale on the market today fail miserably when their stated temperatures are actually put to the test. We are talking double digit differences between their readouts and reality ...and that isn’t cool.

The PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction delivers the temperature accuracy you are looking for with each and every dab. Just set it and forget it, the machine does the duty - just be sure to shut it off at the end of the sesh!

2. SAVE $$ OVER TIME Do not be discouraged by the initial cost of a high quality electronic nail like the PeliNail. If you are a regular dabber, you may not even realize how much butane you go through refilling your torch…not to mention the effort it takes to re-up on ‘tane when it runs out at the wrong time. All of that time and effort and money is saved as soon as you make the switch to a well-reviewed e-nail like the PeliNail

No more torch.

No more ‘tane.

Just ideal temps and terps on every toke of the PeliNail.

3. SAVE TIME OVERALL Saving money is important, for sure. But saving time is equally important.

When did we become slaves to torches and timers?

Every friend has a different ritual to try to achieve the elusive terps we all desire. Different domeless nails only add to the equation. All the time spent heating and hoping and waiting…that’s YOUR time. Take it back with an always-ready e-nail. Perfect flavor and effects, on demand – that’s PeliNail.

Flip the switch, give it a few to reach your target temp, then it stays there for you for as long as you want to drop bombs on it.

4. STRENGTH, AROMA, FLAVOR, EFFECTS Let’s face it, top shelf concentrates are not cheap these days. If you’re like us, you want to get every last drop of dankness out of each and every dab and there’s no better way to capture the flavor and effects that you want than with a highly functional e-nail like our PeliNail.

E-nail technology has come a long way in recent years, but most of our competitors don’t know a dab from a doorknob so they keep selling the same old junk, murdering terps with inaccurate temps and inferior results.

Disorderly Conduction brings the heat.

5. KEEP YOUR NAIL CLEANER We’ve all become experts at the fine art of q-tipping a banger (now there’s a term you never would have heard five years ago!), and you will still want to keep them on hand when using your e-nail, to mop up any excess residue after each glob.

But since the temperature is usually set fairly low for most PeliNail users, and since we eliminate the need for a timer when we use an accurate electronic nail, we can also eliminate that black charred mess seen on most torched quartz domeless nails.

*At the end of each sesh, before powering the unit down, remember to ALWAYS remove your heater coil while it is still warm to avoid having it seal to the quartz nail as they cool down. Be careful with the hot coil until it has cooled completely*

6. BETTER FOR LARGE DABS, GLOBS, DUNKS, ETC. When you use a torch and a timer, you are really guessing at best at what the temperature of that dish is. That may work alright for a modest to minuscule sized dab, but for those who like to load up something fierce…something legendary…The PeliNail is a must.

When a large glob of oil hits a heated nail head, it instantly begins to affect the temperature of that nail head. As that temp fluctuates and begins to drop, the efficiency with which that glob is being vaporized is dropping as well.

To savor every last terp, a trustworthy e-nail is essential.

The PeliNail is the concentrate connoisseur’s tool of choice.

7. PORTABLE & STILL FULL POWERED For years, wax and oil lovers’ only choice for terps on the go was something like a Health Stone Glass piece, or a janky vape pen…or carrying a butane torch around with you…but we’ll get to that.

With the bestselling new Micro 1030 PeliNail being our most compact and stylish e-nail unit to date, it’s the perfect match with a hot new Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack from Disorderly Conduction.

Charge it for two hours, use it on any PeliNail unit for up to three hours. Then just plug it in for a bit, and off you go again!

8. STEALTH DABS Oh, and stealth dabs…you gotta love stealth dabs.

When it’s super late at night, or the crack of dawn in the morning, and you need a taste of terps, the sound of a torch firing up resembles the rear end of a fighter jet taking off of an aircraft carrier.

So much for the surprise attack, Maverick.

Instead, just silently flip the power on for your PeliNail and within minutes you’ll be flying high, but still under everyone’s radar. 9. GREAT FOR PARTIES & EVENTS Have you ever had a party and busted out some dabs, then been forced to babysit the whole ordeal for the next three hours because otherwise your pricey quartz banger would get barbecued in the first ten minutes?

The PeliNail is great at parties
The PeliNail is great at parties

Or maybe you’ve been at a party or a cool cannabis related event and halfway through torching a banger for a buddy, your flame goes limp. Good luck finding a hardware store for more butane at 10pm.

It’s no wonder when you go to any large sesh or event, you see way more e-nails than torches. For packing and ripping one dab after another, you just cannot beat the efficiency of a well-built e-nail like our PeliNails.

10. STRONG WARRANTIES Not all e-nails have a strong warranty. Plus, a warranty is only as strong and as honest as the company that stands (or hides) behind it.

As with any electronic device, there is a certain failure rate with e-nails, but at Disorderly Conduction we are proud to say that ours is virtually non-existent once past our quality assurance checks during assembly in SoCal.

When something does go wrong, as rare as it is, we go above and beyond to make it right for our customer. That’s what we mean when we talk about “DC Fam”.

Once you’re in, you’re in! ------------------

As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, inevitably so will dabbing once the masses realize how effective it is. As you get to know more people who are down to take their first dab, it will be much less intimidating for them if there is no torch and timer involved.

The PeliNail combines the rugged durability of the American made Pelican Case, with the innovation and craftsmanship of each and every electrical unit and heater coil we manufacture, to offer a stylish and reliable tool that every serious concentrate user needs in their collection.

The finest dabs and the finest glass deserve the finest heating element, and that is The PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction

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