This is All They've Got: The Worst Anti-Weed Website Ever

When you take two of the most outspoken anti-cannabis organizations around – the League of California Cities and the California Police Chiefs Association – and have them start a political circle jerk with a pro-cannabis labor union like the UFCW, the result is a mess and that mess is

Stop Wandering Weed is a bafflingly bizarre site filled with odd illustrations and nonsense text.

Its goal is to prevent the California Bureau of Cannabis Control from allowing legal, licensed, and regulated delivery of cannabis throughout the state, regardless of any local ordinances or bans of legal cannabis stores or sales.

With all other anti-weed arguments having gone up in smoke over the past decade or so, the final weakened, cracking branch that pot prohibitionists hang their ideology from is the boring, debunked, and cowardly whine they always resort to – “what about the kids?” – and this goofy website is the perfect example.

So let’s make fun of it!

First of all, in most cases the closest that any child is going to get to legal and regulated cannabis is whatever 3rd grader they forced to design that incredibly bad header image:

Figuring they can use help in their graphic design department, we humbly submit this as our application:

The opening line of this collaborative effort by the 3 well-funded and experienced entities dramatically warns the reader:

When voters passed Prop 64, California promised strict regulations that would keep our children and communities safe. Now the Bureau of Cannabis Control has proposed new rules that wipe out safety controls, allowing marijuana to be delivered anywhere in California – even to your doorstep. Will your children be home?

Who are they talking to?

We have to assume they are trying to scare parents. Or shame them?

But no legal cannabis delivery service is going to make a sale to someone under the legal age, so are they aiming this campaign at parents who have kids over the age of 18 and underage kids as well?

This seems like a parenting issue, if anything...

They go on to try to define their corny ass term “Wandering Weed” since even they know how stupid it sounds.

First they warn that: “Communities can't put limits on where cannabis sales happen”

Well, yeah, no shit. When it was left up to those communities, they left 40% of California residents 60 miles or more from the nearest legal dispensary. You’d find it difficult to name any other legal product that nearly half the state would have to drive over an hour to get. So, yeah, the backwards counties, cities, and towns that will not allow brick and mortar cannabis dispensaries will now be serviced by legal, licensed, and regulated delivery services. Deal with it.

Next they warn that “delivery vans” can carry $10,000 in cash and will be targeted by some phantom roaming ambushing bandits.

First of all, we can’t find any record of the groups behind this website lobbying on behalf of cannabis banking reform that would lower that alleged risk considerably.

Second of all, can they ask their 3rd grade designer why the bad guy is hiding behind a cop car?

And where is the cop? That sort of leads to the answer to their concern…we have law enforcement for when people choose to break the law. Robbing a delivery person from any industry is a risk/reward decision for any criminal and as such it’s a very rare occurrence.

The final two warnings – “Sales can occur right on your doorstep, out of sight of regulators” & “Safeguards to protect children and communities are wiped out”- are both so misleading. It’s really shameful that the UFCW would attach their name to such blatant misinformation.

The fact is that the BCC has dropped such a heavy hammer of regulation on the legal California cannabis industry that it is barely surviving. This move to allow LICENSED dispensaries and delivery services to do what Amazon and Uber Eats and everyone else have determined to be what consumers demand is one of the few smart moves from the Bureau.

Regulators will be all over the books and inventories of these legal, licensed, regulated businesses – more so than in any other industry. The safeguard “to protect children” is the fact that legal cannabis can be a highly lucrative business and those licenses are very valuable and hard to come by. Not one of these legal, licensed, regulated businesses is going to risk it all to sell an 8th of weed to an underage kid.

The evidence for this bears out in the sizable drops in teen cannabis use in ALL states where medical or recreational cannabis gets legalized and REGULATED.

The UFCW represents brick and mortar cannabis dispensaries up and down the coast of California. Their attachment to this doomed movement is a shame, and has nothing to do with kids. It is them doing what unions do – protecting their dues paying members.

But this move has some of them scratching their heads, as their own stores have plans to expand to offer delivery services as well.

Like we said, the whole thing is a mess – let’s hope that the BCC holds its course on the one thing they've gotten right so far.

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