THCA Crystals : Are 'Diamonds' Hype or Hustle?

You've Seen Them Swimming in Sauce or Glimmering on Their Own

Are THCA Diamonds Worth the Hype... and the Price?

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.

Better known as THCA, this is most often the predominant cannabinoid found in live and freshly harvested cannabis plants. As the plant dries more and more, the THCA naturally converts to the psychoactive form that we all love – THC.

Introducing heat to THCA expedites that transformation into THC which is why you’ve got to cook cannabis before you eat it if you are trying to get baked. That’s also why we light our weed on fire, or vaporize it – we are just hitting fast-forward on nature’s plan.

For years, the potency of cannabis concentrates has been measured by the THC level of the end product. But the science behind dabbing is evolving all the time these days and the latest hot trend in dabs is 99% Pure THCA Crystals.

Almost completely flavorless due to a lack of natural residual terpenes, larger THCA Crystals are most often sold swimming in “Sauce”, a low viscosity terpene-rich concentrate that reintroduces the cannabis taste we desire. If your THCA is finer in texture, more powdery, you can dip a dab of your favorite BHO or Rosin into the THCA powder for a real mindbender.


It all starts with an already high-grade cannabis extract.

That concentrate is then blended with a mix of acetic acid and hexane – did we mention DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. These chems will break down everything but the THC. This mixture is filtered and run through a lab-grade rotovape until it has broken completely down to Delta9 (Δ9) THC.

After that step, Sephadex-LH20, dichloromethane, and chloroform are added and the chromatography process begins… again, not for the weekend warrior.

Still not done, this cloudy mix is then cut with methanol to separate the good stuff from any residual pollutants and then it all goes back into the rotovape one more time.

The solution then bathes in pentane and, you guessed it, back in the rotovape.

Once that cycle is complete, the result is a clear/white powder of micro crystals ready to take you to a whole new world.

Properly processed THCA crystals can retail for over $100/gram, and with such an extensive extraction process involving so many potentially volatile materials, you may understand why.

To achieve the large, blocky gems that you drool over on Instagram, the powdery version of THCA can be recrystallized in fresh solvent to get bigger shards.


As we mentioned at the start, as soon as a cannabis plant is harvested, the THCA begins to “degrade” into THC. The same is true with your cannabis concentrates – from the minute the purging process is complete, the clock starts ticking on the degradation of your cannabinoids and terpenes.

So, if you are looking to store potential THC for a rainy day, or you just have a lot of material, your THCA Crystals will preserve the potential THC for MUCH longer than a typical extract.

Also, with THCA Crystals, you are much more able to accurately dose your medication. If your goal is consume exactly .5g of THC per day, you cannot accurately hit that mark by consuming Shatter or Flowers.

On its own, THCA provides a very clear-headed high…almost too clear. Some users miss the entourage effect that non-isolated cannabis concentrates deliver, hence the use of Sauce or the dipping tech mentioned above.

So although it may look like some harder drugs that have no place in your quartz banger, THCA is a viable form of medicating with cannabis and the uses for it are sure to grow as more people become familiar with it.

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