Study Shows Dabbing at Proper Temps is Most Efficient Way to Deliver THC & CBD

You can smoke it, you can eat it, you can drink it, you can rub it on your skin, stick it up your butt, or hit it with convection heat and vaporize it, but a new study just released claims that the most effective way to get the full benefits of the marijuana plant is by dabbing cannabis concentrates and extracts at precise temperatures.

A February 2019 report form the peer-reviewed scientific journal Forensic Science International revealed that dabbing hash oil, rosin, wax, shatter, live resin, etc. is a far more efficient way to deliver essential cannabinoids like THC and CBD to the user’s system than more traditional methods like smoking a pipe, bong, joint, or blunt.

Concentrates, as the name implies, are the condensed and bundled form of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant, extracted from the plant itself and then refined through a variety of methods to form a highly potent form of hash that can carry 2-3x more THC than its flower form derivative.

So your average dab of hash oil might have 75% THC as compared to a chart-busting bud that would max out around 25% THC.

On top of the increased potency is increased efficacy according to the study which states that 75% of the THC inhaled via dabbing will reach the user’s lungs. By contrast, the German and Swiss researchers claim that when flowers are smoked through a pipe or joint, 75% of available THC is destroyed before it can reach the lungs.

Now, if you are picturing a room full of Euro nerds sitting around getting baked out of their minds, the reality is that they concocted a machine that would do all the dabbing and take all the tokes for them and then measure the condensation within its metallic confines to determine how much of the psychoactive cannabinoid was present after each method of ingestion and “inhalation”.

This is not the first study of its kind, though it has produced the most drastic results so far.

In 2015, Dr. Jeffrey Raber of The Werc Shop cannabis testing facility in Pasadena collab’d on a similar test of his own and found that the “recovery rate” of THC from smoking raw flower ranged from 27.5% up to 46.3%. So, higher than this most recent study showed (25%), but still far lower than the numbers achieved by dabbing oils.

Vaporizing cannabis flower in a handheld device like a Pax, Firefly, or GPen bumped the recovery rate up to around 50% and some tabletop devices pushed even higher towards the results found from dabs, but then you have to deal with those Orville Redenbacher terps.

Interestingly, however, the way that you dab can have a massive effect on the recovery rate, or the amount of THC that actually enters your endocannabinoid system.

Dr. Raber found that when users dab at temperatures that are too high, or too low, the inefficient vaporization of the oil results in stunted recovery rates. High temps destroy essential cannabinoids and terpenes, drastically low temps fail to even fully activate or vaporize them.

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