Study Says Cannabis may Not Be Cure All for Mental Health Problems, Cannabis Users Smile and Nod

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed is full of all the floozies I went to high school with flaunting one pyramid scheme or another all focused on some form of horseshit homeopathy. From acai to essential oils, all of these stay at home moms are sure they have exactly what it takes to heal whatever is ailing you. The internet is a lucrative hunting ground for them to track down unsuspecting prey and sink their $19.99 fangs into them.

For years, popular search engines like Google would respond to a keyword query for ‘homeopathy’ with an instant barrage of links to information about topics ranging from acupuncture, to apple cider vinegar, to meditation but now there is a new hyperlink at the top of those search results and it goes by the name CBD.

As cannabis use continues to rise among America’s adults, so too has the popularity of the non-intoxicating CBD cannabinoid which, in isolation, produces no discernable “high” but can be highly therapeutic in a wide variety of applications.

With its nearly totally opposite effect from THC, Cannabidiol has been erroneously labeled by many proponents as “non-psychoactive”, which really couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that people who suffer from symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental afflictions have found incredible benefits to supplementing their diet with some form of CBD so the ignorant adage that “THC goes to your head and CBD goes to your body” simply isn’t rooted in science.

Whether consumed in isolation, or as a part of the naturally balanced full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoid found in the cannabis plant, both CBD and THC are being proven to have dozens and dozens of legit medical uses but still advocates of the plant are wise to stop short of calling it a “cure all”. Unfortunately, the media didn’t get that memo.

A recent report released in the peer-reviewed journal Lancet Psychiatry highlights the findings of an Australian group of researchers who investigated 83 prior studies on the effects that marijuana use may have on mental health. In their report they admit charting some positive results as some of the subjects showed marked improvement with regard to whatever mental health symptoms they had previously displayed. The authors brushed this data off, stating in their report that they discovered, “little evidence for the effectiveness of pharmaceutical CBD or medicinal cannabis for the treatment of any of these mental health disorders.”

Little evidence, or NO evidence? That doesn’t matter since the team claims that even those positive results should not be credited to the catalyst of the experiment – the cannabis itself. These quacks say that for many of the test subjects, depression or anxiety was just a “secondary symptom” and that cannabis may have helped them with some chronic pain or something that, in turn, helped to alleviate that “second symptom”. So your knee no longer aches after you smoke weed and you’re happy about that but your happiness has nothing to do with the weed, ok?

Now imagine if the findings had skewed the other direction and had shown even just a “little” bit of negative results. Do you think they’d be reaching all the way past their lab coats and up their asses for “secondary” excuses to defend the plant? Yeah, I doubt it too.

The report essentially concludes with an admission that they really don’t know if cannabis can help to treat mental health problems or not.

That hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from pouncing on the release and reporting it as some sort of slam on cannabis users. Note to all editors: NOBODY EVER SAID THAT CANNABIS CURES ALL THINGS FOR ALL PEOPLE

In my own experience, seeing how it affects me and those closest to me, cannabis is an elevator for whatever mindset you are currently in.

Feeling lazy and just want to stay home and play video games all day? A solid toke of weed is only going to elevate that desire.

Maybe you’re the type that loves to take three dabs then hit the gym – that rush of cannabinoids will push you to new PR’s!

But anyone thinking that cannabis is going to magically transform them into somebody they are not, or that it will give them some work ethic or peace of mind that wasn’t already rooted inside of them… well, sorry pal but cannabis is a lot of things to a lot of people, but it's not that.

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