Senior Citizens Are Finding Relief in Reefer

Many of today’s senior citizens were growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s so it should come as no surprise that their age group has taken quite a liking to cannabis reform and legalization measures as they continue to discover new uses for the nostalgic plant.

A recent study posted on WebMD surveyed 150 seniors ranging from ages 61-70 who had been using medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, and the results are refreshing.

Check out some of these stats

· Over half (54%) of the participants in the study were female

· 45% used a vape pen and cannabis concentrates

· 28% used cannabis-infused pill capsules

· 21% of those surveyed said they used cannabis once per day to help alleviate their symptoms

· 23% said they used it twice per day

· 39% said they used it three or more times per day

· Roughly 50% of those surveyed were urged to consider MMJ by their own doctor

· 25% were convinced by a family member or a friend

· And 91% would recommend it to someone else – that’s huge

Using a 1-10 scale, patients reported a drop in pain levels from an average of 9.0 when the study began, down sharply to a 5.6 as their cannabis-first treatment took effect just a month after getting involved.

The two main negative side effects reported?

First was sleepiness – we’ve all been there. The beauty of cannabis is in its variety, so finding the proper strain for one’s own needs is so important and needs to be a topic of education for an older generation just tuning back into the reefer.

The second was the cost. We can all relate with that as well. Due to the Schedule I listing that cannabis is currently burdened with at the federal level, there are no insurance companies willing or able to cover or even offset the costs of this natural and effective medication. As tolerance builds, so does the monthly cost. For folks on a fixed income, or for anyone on a tight budget, this is a legitimate concern.

As we see in other sectors of society, seniors are trading in opioid-based drugs for highly effective cannabis-based remedies and are ecstatic with the results.

"I was on Percocet and replaced it with medical marijuana. Thank you, thank you, thank you," one senior told WebMD.

Seniors make up over 13% of our population here in the US, and pretty much every single one of them votes. So as more of them discover a vastly improved quality of life through cannabis, they will certainly tell their friends, and together their influence on upcoming cannabis-friendly laws and political candidates could be significant.

So spark one with a Boomer, you both might learn something.

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