Project SAM is Trash, Pass it On

If you are not familiar with Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana), you should be.

Founded by two frauds, Kevin Sabet and Patrick Kennedy, the sole purpose of the organization is to pop up anytime anyone mentions any sort of cannabis legalization or reform and piss in the bong with a bunch of unsubstantiated claims about the inherent dangers to society that cannabis carries with it.

Kennedy, you may recall, is the son of the wildly popular Teddy Kennedy, and served as a Congressman himself. He says that since retiring from politics he has figured out “how the brain works” and now his crusade is to convince the world that addiction treatment, not legalization, is the answer.

The ol’ boy ought to know a thing or two about addiction… It was 2:45 a.m on a foggy Washington D.C. morning in May 2006 when Congressman Kennedy smashed his car into a barricade at the U.S. Capitol building. When questioned by police on the scene, he slurred his way through trying to tell them that he was “late for a vote”.

The very next day he held a press conference where he admitted to the country that he had long suffered from a severe bi-polar disorder coupled with a crippling drug and alcohol addiction.

With that said, he promptly resigned from politics.

Oh wait, no he didn’t. He got his car fixed and kept his driver’s license and his 5-term Congressional seat for another four years, finally walking away in 2011 in an attempt to get his shit together and now he is telling you how to do the same, or something.

Somehow, his pot-hating partner Kevin Sabet is equally as repulsive.

Sabet states that today’s weed is 10x – 30x more potent than the weed from 30 years ago, but fails to mention how that is harmful, or the fact that there are strains bred today at all THC levels, to satisfy any tolerance.

He repeatedly hides behind his statement that “most people who use marijuana won’t become addicted”, but in the same breath he will say that the simple fact that addiction can potentially occur is legitimate cause for continued cannabis prohibition for adults.

When asked about the seeming success of the cannabis legalization movements in states like Colorado and Washington, Sabet disregards hundreds of millions of dollars raised in weed-related tax revenues in the two pioneering states - dollars that go back to the communities in the form of school improvements and drug prevention programs. Instead he says that those states’ laws have led to “gummy bears and ‘pot tarts’ being marketed to 15-year olds”.

When asked if he thinks that cannabis should be removed from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, Sabet babbles but reliably always lands on no, that “we need to do more research into it”.

He once chastised Grenco Science/GPen for using a “cartoon-themed” vaporizer to market to kids. Apparently the PhD Associate Professor wasn’t smart enough to realize that Snoop Dogg and Snoopy are two different entities.

The entire existence of Project SAM relies on their relevance, and with each state and city that loosens cannabis laws, and with each article that shines a light on their ignorance, their relevance swirls closer to the drain.

So it comes as no surprise that when New York City recently announced that it would no longer prosecute low level possession and consumption of cannabis, followed by the New York State Department of Health releasing a detailed report that pretty much endorsed the idea of full statewide recreational legalization, Project SAM was there to try to sneak into the spotlight.

Their official response to the state’s report read: “This state-issued report reads more like a marijuana lobbyist’s manifesto, as we found no credible opposing evidence cited.”

In other words, nobody asked them. Because they are idiots.

They go on to rebut a dozen or so specific points from the report, from youth use to crime stats, hoping to scare lawmakers away from the actual facts. But that’s not enough for a rat like Sabet. He has also filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request demanding to know who “advised, consulted, contracted, or gave comments in the making, writing, background, and researching” of the report. In a Trump-like deflection he is also demanding to see all emails sent back and forth between NY state employees and anyone from the “cannabis industry” going back through 2017.

Fuck off, snitch.

The only time these clowns should ever be mentioned alongside cannabis is to call them out for the soft-peddling prohibitionists that they are.

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