Lowell Herb Co. Hopes to Set Hiring Trend

Updated: May 26, 2018

Lowell Herb Co. in Central California is known up and down the Cali coast for their top shelf quality cannabis, a result of their commitment to growing it with all organic fertilizer and without synthetic pesticides. The second half of their 4-way pledge is to always pay their farmers a proper living wage and to use natural materials whenever possible, from seed to sale.

Their bread and butter product is their brilliantly packaged pre-rolled joints, what they call Lowell Smokes. These are available in either a 7-pack or a 14-pack, with each joint containing a half a gram of top shelf weed that consistently tests between 22-25% THC. Some quick stoner math tells you that they are basically selling pre-rolled 8ths and Quarters.

Based out of San Luis Obispo, and partnering with 30 satellite family farms like their own, Lowell Herb Co. has placed Lowell Smokes in over 250 dispensaries in California. But still, they are always looking to grow…their business!

The company is hiring right now and resumes can be sent to jobs@lowellsmokes.com

But what is really cool about their intent to expand, is, as Kevin Smith of The Cannifornian reported earlier this month, Lowell Herb Co. is specifically looking to hire people with non-violent cannabis charges on their records.

Too often, these lingering charges can keep them from being able to get a decent job, but Lowell Herb Co. has vowed to step up and, as mentioned, they believe in paying their people a proper living wage.

The Lowell Herb Co. website has positions available from San Diego to The Bay for those with skills in package design, sales, marketing, distribution, shipping and customer service and their support for cannabis warriors is summed up beautifully in this line from their JOBS page:

“Out of respect for the men and women who kept cannabis going in darker times we give special consideration to candidates recently pardoned for non-violent cannabis offenses in California.”

The company has budgeted for ad space on TV, radio, the web, and they’ve even gone so far as to put a billboard up just outside the Men’s Central Jail and the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in LA.

With this move, Lowell Herb Co. is not just cultivating top shelf cannabis, but is helping some deserving people grow as well.

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