How Hot Should Your Nail Be for Perfect Dabs?

Glowies or Low-Temp?

Don’t know what we’re talking about?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because today DC is going to school you up on what the ideal temperature is when you are looking for the perfect dab.

First, the basics… a dab is a dose of concentrated cannabis oils that is teeming with the terpenes and cannabinoids (like THC, CBD, and so many more!) that give us the strength, aroma, flavor, and effects that we seek in each sesh.

That dab is dropped onto a pre-heated dabbing surface, usually a quartz, ceramic, or titanium domeless nail where it instantly begins to melt, boil, and vaporize to produce the flavorful vapors that we then pull through our dab rig to our anxious taste buds.

The minimum temperature required to initiate and efficiently complete the vaporization process is right around 300°F. So why do some electronic nails allow users to set the temp well over 1000°F?

Here are the pro’s and con’s of dabbing at different temperatures:

0 - 325°F


Dabbing anywhere in this temp range will result in unvaporized oil being leftover and wasted in the dish of your nail. The inefficient vaporization will produce little to no smoke or useful effects.

325 - 425°F

Low Temp Dabs

If your goal is to enjoy the maximum amount of flavor from the terps and cannabinoids in your wax, rosin, or oil, this is the ideal temperature range. You will want a directional flow carb cap to maximize and expedite the vaporization process and a Glob Mop or Q-Tip to clean any residual oil from the dish. Nice, smooth hits, less vapor exhaled.

425 - 710°F

Mid-Range Dabs

A very popular temperature range, especially for those still rocking the titanium nails. Dabs at these temperatures should provide a good mix of flavor and efficient vaporization, and a slightly headier effect than lower temp dabs.

710 - 900°F

High Temp Dabs aka “Glowies”

At these temps, the head of the nail might actually be glowing orange or even red. Dabbing on a nail this hot will produce a thick plume of vapor and smoke, as combustion is sure to occur at the higher end of this range. Flavor is all but lost but effects can be mindbending.


Lung Torture / Terp Murder

Don’t. Just…don’t.


So now that you can see how important it is to figure out which temp is best for you.

The next challenge is; how do you accurately heat your nail head to that temperature AND keep it there?

This is where a high quality, American-made electronic nail like the PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction earns its top shelf reputation.

When it comes to the perfect temperature on your PeliNail, just set it and forget it! The PeliNail will maintain your desired temp for the duration of the sesh – no torch, no timers, no more guessing! Just terp-bursting dabs each and every time the oil hits the nail.

Just remember, the temperature level displayed on the PeliNail unit refers to the actual temperature of the metal DC Heater Coil at the end of the Kevlar whip. That coil wraps around your preferred domeless nail, but since the thickness and design and material of every nail varies a bit, so can the actual temperature of the dish of your nail. Fortunately, once at the target temp, that heat will not fluctuate with a PeliNail…unlike when using a torch or a lesser competitors’ unit.

One final variable to keep in mind when selecting the temperature to dab at on your new PeliNail unit is what type of extract you are dabbing.

THC Isolate (or Diamonds) for example, will require a Mid- to High Temp dab in order to fully vaporize and convert the THC-A into a psychoactive compound to give us the effects we desire.

High grade Bubble Hash, Ice Wax, or Rosin, on the other hand, prefers to vaporize at a much lower temperature – try somewhere in between 480 - 520°F for your fire solventless dabs.

If you dab different types of concentrates, you'll want to experiment with varying temperatures for each type to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

So, the next time somebody proclaims “You gotta waste it to taste it, bro!” you can just dial your PeliNail to the precise temperature that you want and stop wasting terps and time.

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