Hotels Look to Deliver Relaxation by the Milligram with CBD Infused Options

Pretty much everybody and their mama has heard by now about how big the legal cannabis market is expected to become over the course of the next five years. But within that market are dozens of niches and perhaps the fastest growing of them all is in legal CBD whose market revenue is projected to swell to well over $2 billion by the year 2020.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component found in varying ratios in virtually all cannabis plants. It can also be harvested from the hemp plant, and perhaps even from hops or other botanicals, but regardless of where it is derived from, it will not get you “high” from ingesting it like THC would.

CBD has been proven to have a range of medicinal applications that can naturally and effectively treat a wide and growing list of ailments and diseases from joint pain and insomnia to intractable epilepsy and cancer.

As products featuring CBD become more popular and gain mainstream acceptance, more people are using it as a regular supplement to prevent potential problems instead of just a hopeful solution once problems appear.

Its anti-inflammatory benefits are almost unrivaled and so the right dose of CBD can leave you in a state of ultimate relaxation for hours, or even overnight, without the nasty side effects or hangovers associated with pharmaceutical or alcohol-based alternatives.

This ultimate state of relaxation is what high end hotels are constantly striving to deliver to their top shelf clientele and so it was only a matter of time before CBD became the new Gideons Bible.

Now, with CBD pretty much legal in all 50 states (some recently raided headshops would argue that number), 5-star hotels are getting in on the act with CBD tasting menus and spa treatments for guests with a passion for natural healing… and a deep wallet.

For example, if you choose to stay at the luxurious James Nomad Hotel in NYC, you can order CBD-infused munchies direct to your door.

The offerings from Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef Andrea Drummer sound absolutely amazing but the prices are a bit hard to swallow.

Savor their Spicy Meatballs with pine nuts, parmigiana, and tips of toast, spiked with a 15 milligram dose of edible CBD… just $32


Ok, ok, maybe just a salad then…

Ooh, this looks nice, a Butter Lettuce Salad with a pear vinaigrette, gorgonzola, walnuts, pears & 20mg of CBD extract. Twenty bucks?!

Holy Shit, Napoleon, even the tater tots are $18!

The Standard Hotel in Miami stocks it’s minibars with CBD-laced gummy candies and on the west coast at the Petit Ermitage in Hollywood you can dig into a $120-per-plate 7 course CBD-infused meal consisting of duck confit and monkfish cheek. See, I’d want both that motherfucker’s cheeks if I was laying out that kind of cash.

But, as with most luxuries in life, once the upper class approves, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of us get some too.

You can already find CBD products at a local recreational or medical cannabis dispensary, or even online on

Though you can make your own CBD tots for a fraction of the cost found at a 5-star Manhattan high rise, CBD oil is still too expensive for a lot of people who could really benefit from it. Hopefully with projected CBD market revenues in the billions of dollars, and weed laws being relaxed all the time, production will rise to meet the growing demand and drive prices down to a reasonable level to make this miracle medicine a viable option to anyone who needs it.

The time is long overdue for our society to legalize the entire cannabis plant and unlock the healing power of all of its various compounds, including CBD.

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