Five Reasons Why Vaping Cannabis is Superior to Smoking It

The more we learn about the glorious trichomes found on the cannabis plant, the more we have come to realize just how important of a role the blend of varying blend of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes inside those trichs play in the strength, aroma, flavor, and effects of your buds and extracts.

Once research and technology caught up to cannabis and was able to single out specific quantities of individual terpenes and cannabinoids by way of lab testing, basic science was able to be applied to determine what the ideal temperature would be to get those compounds to activate and release their benefits.

Until then the flame from a lighter or hempwick or a glowing hot titanium nail was plenty hot enough, but there is such a thing as too much heat and so we have compiled these Five Reasons Why Vaping Cannabis is Superior to Smoking It.


Whatever your favorite tasting strain of cannabis is, that flavor is created inside the heads of the microscopic trichomes in the form of what most stoners call ‘terps’ – a basic abbreviation for terpenes.

And however you prefer to ingest those trichomes – still attached to the plant material and packed in a bowl or rolled in a joint, or extracted and concentrated in the form of rosin, BHO, bubble hash, etc – the only way to maximize their effectiveness is to hit that Goldilocks Zone of temperature where all of those crucial compounds vaporize, but do not burn.

With any sort of actual flame, that is impossible. Be it with flower or hash, your temp level will blast through those ideal zones incredibly fast on its way to full combustion. Will you still get some flavor? Yes. Will you still get baked? Of course, but for the optimal experience using an electronic vaporizer with a reliable temperature control like the PeliNail allows you to digitally choose your ideal temperature and then “set it and forget it”.


Even though cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation, one state at a time, not everyone is down with the movement. Driving that wedge a bit deeper is the fact that, so far, many places are making it legal to sell and buy weed but not giving folks many legal options for where to smoke it. There are certain strains of weed that I can easily identify simply by the aroma of their secondhand smoke but to the average citizen, all weed smells alike and they can smell it a mile away.

Cannabis smoke tends to linger on the body and clothes and can be a dead giveaway after a long lunch break or when visiting the in-laws. Vaping eliminated that threat so you can keep your head right regardless of the situation.

Vaping cannabis oils at a pre-set and ideal temperature releases the best versions of the terpenes and flavonoids without any combustion to produce an exhale that exhibits more of the fruity, piney, lavender-like notes than the telltale “skunky” smell of burnt weed.

Another benefit to vaping instead of smoking is there is no ash when vaporizing cannabis flowers or concentrates. I mean… do we have any fans of ash out there? Anyone?

If you do feel the need to consume cannabis in public and your goal is to keep it low key, the last thing you want to be doing is flicking a lighter or firing up a giant torch for a minute at a time. Portable herbal vaporizers require no flame but instead use convection heating to release the desired compounds from the cannabis with hot air instead of fire. Your PeliNail unit can be made portable as well… unplug and unwind outdoors with a useful new rechargeable DC Battery Pack and take your sesh with you wherever you go.


Any cannabis vaporizer that can be relied upon for daily use will probably feel like a big initial investment, and that is exactly what it is, a smart investment. You may not realize how much you spend on lighters, papers, blunt wraps, butane, torches, and other non-weed sundries but it adds up, trust me! Not only do those consumable items cost money every time, but they never run out at a good time and that trip to the store is never convenient. On top of that, if you are still lighting weed on fire, you’re absolutely wasting it as far as uptake of cannabinoids. If your goal is to absorb as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible, fire is literally caveman tech. Vaping cannabis, especially flowers/buds, can take some getting used to, but you will lower your spending on weed in the long haul. Similarly, investing in an American made PeliNail will not only maximize the flavor and effects of every dab you take with it, but the unrivaled warranty from a reputable company like Disorderly Conduction will protect that investment to ensure many good times for a long, long time.


The vast majority of states that have decided to experiment with cannabis reform have enacted some form of medical marijuana laws in favor of wider spread adult-use recreational reform. The problem is, a lack of proper consumer education combined with a lack of viable therapeutic cannabis products in these emerging markets can make it difficult for patients truly in need to accurately dose their cannabis intake or get that intake to high enough levels to be effective.

Vaporizing cannabinoid isolates like 99% pure CBD or THC (or a specific blend of each) can deliver a much faster and more effective dose than trying to match that with flower. Edibles can deliver a large dose, but timing their effect kicking in is always tricky. For a patient who finds instant relief with a quick dose of cannabinoids, a dab at the proper temperature is truly medicinal.


You do not need to be a medical patient to enjoy the health benefits of vaporizing versus smoking cannabis. I still smoke a lot of weed and I don’t think that form of consumption is particularly harmful, but the shortness of breath & coughing fits that came after a long smoke sesh vanish with vaping.


Even if you are new to cannabis concentrates or the act of dabbing, a user-friendly and affordable PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction makes it a breeze to essentially ‘microdose’ your cannabinoids to keep you feeling great and getting the full benefit of this amazing plant.

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