DC’s Top 5 Favorite Quartz Bangers, Buckets & Inserts

It is becoming more and more rare to see a titanium domeless nail or a ceramic domeless nail still in use as quartz bangers and bucket-style nails just continue to rise in popularity.

The price range for a quartz domeless nail can range from under $20 to upwards of $200, or more. This can be confusing for those looking to upgrade, but we’ve got your back!

Here is a list of DC's Top 5 Favorite Quartz Bangers, Buckets & Inserts from your buds at Disorderly Conduction – we even tell you exactly which DC Coil will work with each one.

Check it out!

1. The XXL Toro Grail is a very popular American-made, high quality, expertly designed quartz bucket from the respected name of Toro Glass. This massive quartz banger will handle pretty much any size glob you plan to take and both the male and female versions pair perfectly with the DC 30mm Coil. Toss in a bubble cap or directional flow carb cap and let the terps flow through you.

Average retail price of the XXL Toro Grail: $215.00

2. The Highly Educated Gavel offers the known top shelf quality of the Highly Educated brand in an all-new all-quartz banger style domeless nail that they call The Gavel. The Gavel consists of a 4mm thick layer of 99.99% pure SiO2 opaque quartz on the bottom of the dish, with 2.5mm thick clear fused quartz walls, and a 25mm diameter bucket. The signature opaque bottom aids in quicker heating times and longer and more steady heat retention. Highly Educated also makes a really cool carb cap for this nail, but again virtually any directional carb cap will keep the oil moving. In the court of public opinion, The Gavel is GUILTY of being a badass dabbing accessory. Match it with a 25mm Heater Coil from Disorderly Conduction and judge it for yourself.

Highly Educated Gavel Quartz Nail
The Gavel from Highly Educated - shown here with a female joint

Average retail price of The Gavel by Highly Educated: $180.00

3. Mayoral Quartz is a cool quartz manufacturing company out of Bear, Delaware, sourcing all of their materials and components from within the US and hand crafting each and every quartz domeless nail and carb cap by hand. Their standard quartz bangers come in a variety of joint sizes and in both male and female, and they also offer them in 3 bucket diameters – 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm. Of course, Disorderly Conduction has you covered on any of those three Kevlar coil sizes.

Mayoral Quartz Domeless Quartz Banger
Mayoral Quartz

Average retail price of Mayoral Quartz standard sized bangers: $140.00

4. Innovation is key in such a rapidly evolving industry, and Eternal Quartz is always on the leading edge. They created and popularized the 2-piece quartz insert + bucket system, then added airflow slits to the inserts which also allowed for easier removal for cleaning. They offer banger/insert bundles on their website, or you can get one of their quartz inserts to match almost any brand of quartz banger that you already have. We’ve got DC Kevlar Coils to pair with just about any brand of banger that you have too, or if you get the bundle package from Eternal Quartz (banger + insert) our 24mm heater coil should be perfect. You can get multiple inserts, and pre-load them, then just drop them in your PeliNail powered quartz bucket and you can set up a never-ending assembly line of terps!

Eternal Quartz Bangers & Quartz Inserts
Eternal Quartz Inserts changed the game...again!

Average retail price of an Eternal Quartz Insert: $35 - $120 depending on size and style

5. Using only domestically sourced materials and hand crafting every banger in Seattle, Washington, Quave’s XXL QCB has been a favorite of ours since we made the switch from titanium years ago. Form meets function here with unsurpassed flow and flavor enhancement and an iconic design and gold label to let you know it’s legit. Combine this gem with the Disorderly Conduction 24mm Kevlar Coil and a brand new PeliNail and you’ll be riding high.

Average retail price for the XXL Quave Club Banger: $180.00


There are a lot more options out there, of course, but these all stay in our rotation with our personal PeliNails here at DC Headquarters. They all work well when torched, but you just cannot beat the steady and always ready convenience and efficiency of a proper e-nail so be sure to check out our online store today!

Also, check out this handy chart that can help you pair the most popular quartz bangers and nails with the perfect DC Kevlar Heater Coil

Ask for these quartz banger brands along with the PeliNail and all accessories at your favorite smokeshop or headshop.

They don't have the PeliNail?

Tell them to hit us up!

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