DC’s Dabbing Class Lesson 1: How to Dab

DC’s Dabbing Class

Lesson 1: How to Dab

It may seem simple, the act of taking a dab, but with the list of steps involved constantly changing as we figure out new terp delivery methods, and with new people getting interested in cannabis and concentrates all the time, we thought it might help to lay out the basic steps involved when taking a dab.

Whether you are a seasoned vet in the dabbing game, or if you are just learning about the experience, this guide will help make sure that you get the most out of each and every dab you take as well as help to make sure you don’t look like a goofball while doing it!

If you are at a party or sesh, or if you are just chilling at home, here is what needs to be on hand in order to properly get down on some delicious dabs:

  • Glass dab rig, or a bong can be made to work

  • Quartz banger or bucket, or a titanium domeless nail

  • PeliNail or e-nail, or torch and timer

  • Carp Cap

  • Dabber tool

  • Rag or towel to wipe tool

  • Glob Mops or Q-Tips

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Your favorite concentrate

  • A comfortable seat

  • Something to drink

Damn! Are we packing for a two week vacation or getting lit over here?!

Don’t worry, we are going to break it all down for you and before you know it, you'll be waxing on and off better than The Karate Kid

Step 1: For the truest flavor possible, make sure that the rig or bong gets dumped and cleaned after each sesh and filled with fresh cool water to start again each time. Set up all tools –and your drink - within arm’s reach.

Step 2: Prepare your dab on the dabber tool. For beginners, the smallest amount you can imagine will take you for a wild ride. Consider like .03 grams to start with. At that amount, you will get the flavor and the effects and you’ll get over 30 dabs out of a gram of concentrate. As your tolerance builds, so will the size of your dabs.

Step 3: Heat the nail. With a PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction, this step is as easy as it gets. Flip the switch and you are ready to go. No torches, no timers, the temp is always steady and the nail is always ready with a PeliNail e-nail.

If you are using a torch and timer, use the tip of the flame of the torch to heat the bottom of the dish of your quartz or titanium domeless nail until you see a slight orange glow. Then you start your cooldown timer. The length of that timer will vary based on the type/size/style of domeless nail that you are using and the rough temperature range you are trying to achieve.

When you see an unsightly blackened or charred looking quartz banger or quartz bucket, it is usually the result of overheating with a torch and/or applying your dab while the dish is still too hot. Both of these inconsistencies are ELIMINATED when you upgrade to a PeliNail electronic nail.

Step 4: Apply the dab to the pre-heated nail surface. The most common method with a quartz banger or bucket is to gently press the dab against a sidewall, allowing the transferring heat to melt it to the bottom of the dish where the heat is still the greatest.

There is NO NEED to stir or manipulate the dab at this point, let the vaporization occur naturally at first, then expedite it by…

Step 5: Once the oil / wax / rosin / hash has begun the vaporization process (boiling effect) apply the carb cap to the top of the nail head. A good directional flow carb cap will allow you to twist and trun the cap itself, chasing the puddle of goodness around the bottom of the dish with your manipulated airflow, ensuring and expediting a more complete vaporization. Remove the cap, clear the chamber of the rig of all pent up vapors, then re-apply the carb cap and do it all again. Depending on the size of the dab you are doing, you can get anywhere from 1-5 solid rips by properly applying and reapplying that cap.

Step 6: Before the dish of the quartz banger cools down too much, use a fresh cotton swab – like Glob Mops or even generic q-tips – to clean the entire dish of the quartz nail. This will gather any unvaped/excess material that was left over from your previous dab, and will give you a nice clean palette to work with on the next one. This step is really unnecessary on a titanium domeless nail, but it is A MUST on any quartz nail, every time! Some people even go so far as to dip their cotton swab in iso rubbing alcohol first, to really get that dish sparkling clean. Be sure to wipe the dabber tool clean before the residue on it stiffens.

Step 7: Sit back in that comfortable seat, enjoy a sip of that drink we told you to have nearby, and enjoy the flavor and effects of a properly executed dab.

To do it again, just repeat the steps above.

With a PeliNail, you can skip Step 3, since the temperature of your quartz banger or bucket will always be steady and will always be ready for whatever size dab you send its way!

Ask for the PeliNail and all accessories at your favorite smokeshop or headshop.

They don't have it? Tell them to hit us up!

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