DC Does It Again! The V2 PeliNail is a Game Changer

For years the PeliNail has increased in popularity, increased in production, and increased in sizes and options, all while one so-called competitor after another has gone up in smoke, leaving their customers high and dry with a warranty worth less than the paper it was printed on.

Don’t get it twisted - we don’t get any satisfaction seeing this. Many of those once-burnt customers have since reinvested in a rugged, reliable PeliNail and haven’t had a problem since.

The PeliNail combines the style and durability of the American made Pelican Case with the innovation and craftsmanship of each and every electrical unit and heater coil assembled and manufactured by Disorderly Conduction to offer a useful and reliable tool that every serious concentrate user needs in their collection.

We have changed the game time and again by adding new colors and sizes exclusive to DC. Then we flipped it again with the introduction of our portable battery packs allowing you to truly take your terps along with you on all of your adventures.

As styles of quartz bangers change, you can be sure that Disorderly Conduction has the heater coil you need in the size you need always compatible with any model of the PeliNail.

As easy as it would be to just rest on this success, that’s just not in our nature.

We asked what you would change about the PeliNail and got some really thoughtful suggestions. It’s always tough to see your baby grow up, but we are proud to announce the release of ...

The V2 PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction


By popular demand, we have come up with an interior design on the 1120, 1200 & 1400 V2 models for up to 80-90% more peel n’ pluck foam storage space than before!

This will leave an ample amount of room your power cord and heater coil as well as countless designs of scientific or heady glass dab rigs, carp caps, quartz nails, and other dabbing necessities.

Go big with the V2 PeliNail


The V2 PeliNail is available now with 9 different color options spread across three of our most popular sizes.

The new user interface on the exterior wall of the unit has been updated and is consolidated and easier to use than ever before. Along with its ease of use, the new V2 PID is the most accurate on the market when it comes to regulating, measuring, and reporting accurate heater coil temps.

The PeliNail by Disorderly Conduction
The PeliNail - V1 (Left) , V2 (Right)

When it comes to your perfect temperature, just set it and forget it and the PeliNail will deliver ideal flavor and effects dab after dab without torches, butane, or guessing games.

If you do actually forget it, an optional auto-shutoff timer – new on the V2 models - can be set prior to your sesh to ensure that if you don't kill the power to the heater coil, your new buddy the V2 PeliNail will do it for you.

With a comparatively low output of just 86 watts, your savings in butane alone will pay for whatever tick you may see in your electric bill after making the switch to the V2 PeliNail, the best-selling e-nail on the market.

A perfectly crafted blend of form and function can be found in the V2 PeliNail from Disorderly Conduction. Found in the finest headshops and smokeshops around the world, or browse our online store for yours.

Housed in a crushproof, dustproof, water resistant, American made Pelican Case, The PeliNail is an electronic nail used for vaporizing concentrates and gives the user full control over setting a consistent temperature for optimal vaporization, without the use of, or need for, a butane torch.
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