Comedian, Former UFC Fighter Brendan Schaub Announces CBD Cured Son's Epilepsy

Comedian, television host, podcaster, and former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub is one of those dudes that people either seem to love or hate.

There’s really no excusing his oddball Hollywood hipster fashion choices, but other than that he appears to be a hardworking, creative, loyal friend and someone dedicated to the entertainment industry that he worked his way into after his fighting career.

Schaub’s Heavyweight MMA career came to what some may consider an early end in 2015 after some rough losses to Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne. Schaub also made headlines on his way out of professional fighting in a public spat with UFC President Dana White when the organization sold all of the fighters out with a branding deal from Reebok that prevented fighters like Schaub from promoting their own lucrative sponsorships from inside the octagon.

But putting his respectable fight career and skyrocketing entertainment career aside, by all appearances and testimonies Brendan Schaub is a caring friend and dedicated father to his son, Tiger, who was born in 2016.

The often loud and always proud Schaub was clearly humbled by the childbirth experience but his love for children does not stop at his own door.

Earlier this year, another UFC fighter by the name of Ray Borg announced on Twitter that his own son, a 6-month-old baby named Anthony, had been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid on the brain that required two separate brain surgeries.

Borg is a well-established professional fighter, but like so many others in his line of work, money has always been hard to come by. So his Twitter post was to announce that he was selling custom t-shirts to raise money to pay for his son’s required medical attention.

Shortly thereafter, as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the fundraiser was brought up in conversation and Schaub revealed that he had already offered to cover all medical expenses for Borg’s son.

Fighting back tears while talking to Rogan, Schaub said on the record, “I’ll help you, Ray, I’m dead serious, man. I’m not one of these guys – I don’t need the publicity; I don’t need any of that. I DM’d you my number, I will cover the medical bills, man. I got you, brother.”

He went on to say that when he saw Borg’s infant son hooked up to a respirator he couldn’t help but think of his own young son and be thankful for his health.

We now know that Schaub can relate to Ray Borg even more than just as fathers.

On the October 29th episode of Schaub’s own podcast called Below the Belt, the 6’4” 250lb beast broke down in tears telling his fans that his own son, Tiger, had been diagnosed with a form of benign epileptic seizures.

Though the condition is not totally uncommon in kids, and Schaub’s own son is expected to make a full recovery and leave the seizures behind eventually, in the meantime his two year old child was clearly suffering and that is a form of torture that no parent should have to endure.

Schaub told his audience that roughly every 6-8 days, and totally out of the blue, his son would start fiercely crying and pointing to his head. He added that his son doesn’t cry for anything, but that he would erupt into these fits at totally random times leaving his entire family confused and scared.

Once they got the diagnosis of epilepsy, the next step was to decide on a course of treatment. When researching the side effects of the proposed prescriptions, Schaub noticed some very undesirable effects like lethargy and mood or even personality changes.

Schaub himself is no stranger to cannabis since becoming closer to his mentor Joe Rogan, and so naturally his search for help for his son led him directly to CBD.

CBD has a long and successful history of treating childhood epilepsy.

And so, to the delight of his worldwide audience, Brendan Schaub was able to announce on November 1st that his son has been 100% seizure-free ever since they put him on a low and controlled dose of store bought CBD.

Schaub says he is aware of the FDA-approved cannabis-derived anti-seizure CBD medication called Epidiolex, but he also acknowledged that it costs patients $32,500 year to obtain.

As we saw with the Ray Borg situation, and woven through Schaub’s swagger, money is really not an issue for the hyper-talented entertainer. But it is so vitally important that he showed so many other parents that there are other, better, cheaper options and that they work just as well as the FDA’s abomination.

Here’s what he had to say late last week on the situation, “If you know your shit, you can just kind of figure where to get CBD oil at… especially from a legit place where you don’t have to go through a pharmacy or a doctor. This thing with my son, there’s some medication they can give him, you know. And for some kids who have it really bad you can give them these medications, but they’ve found that CBD oil does way more wonders than these other prescribed medicines. It’s way more healthy for you. Because there’s some crazy side effects with the drugs that they want to give kids. It’s crazy.”

In a November 5th update on a new episode of the same podcast, Schaub was happy to report that his son was still totally seizure free since starting the regimen of CBD oil.

There is nothing that upsets us more than seeing children suffering needlessly when we know that cannabis holds the key to their relief.

Congratulations to Brendan Schaub and his son Tiger and the rest of his family and we hope that he will continue to use his massive platform to educate millions of viewers and listeners at a time about the many benefits and healing powers of cannabis.

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