Canadian Company Plans to Grow Odorless, Flavorless Weed... On Purpose

As the feds and some state government officials consider a mandatory removal of all flavors from e-cigarette and vaping products, those of us who know the importance of terpenes will always turn to cannabis buds or hash to get them.

If a company called CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. out of Ontario, Canada has anything to say about it, even your favorite flowers could soon be nearly devoid of any aroma or flavor… and they think that is a good thing.


When it comes to grading cannabis, I like to use an acronym I call S.A.F.E.

It stands for


Most people, especially lawmakers who know next to nothing about the plant they preside over, fail to recognize the importance that the APPEAL (trichome coverage and terpene presence) and the FLAVOR have on the STRENGTH and the EFFECT. Most stoners can tell you that different ratios of terpenoids, or “terps”, give weed strains their unique odors and tastes, but in the past few years we’ve begun to learn just how crucial they are in the healing properties of the cannabis plant.

Now, don’t get it twisted, the terps being added into most nicotine-based vape juices and most distillate-based cannabis oil vape carts are almost always artificial.

In nature, each cannabis plant is blessed with a unique full-spectrum balance of not just terpenoids, but cannabinoids like CBD and THC, and flavonoids that all work together to provide healing for such a wide variety of ailments. As soon as we start separating that harmoniously portioned ratio, we disrupt the innate healing quality of the plant.

Look no further than the FDA-approved cannabis-based anti-seizure medication Epidiolex. It is helping some suffering patients – thank god for that – but it is having severe side effects on others that we feel could be mostly if not entirely avoided with full-spectrum oil instead of the CBD isolate at the base of their formula.


Cannabis has never been about convenience. If you have never sat in a parking lot for way, way, waaaaay too long waiting for a dealer who told you not to keep him waiting, maybe you cannot relate.

The more legal weed becomes, however, the more convenient people want it. For the same reason movie streaming is so popular and Blockbuster Video is out of business, you want your weed here and now and without any hassle. Ahhh sweet child… your innocence is so pure.

We see dispensary shelves full of bland packaging with labels like “Calm”, or “Uplifting” instead of traditional strain names. This slices away at the legacy of the breeders and growers who perfected these important strains, and attempts to appropriate the risks they took in the shadows back in the day and manufacture it into a false authenticity for some corporate cannabis brand today.

The same arc can be seen with cannabis vape pens. In less than a month headlines flipped from predicting an industry takeover by pre-filled vape carts by 2022 to now eight people dead and counting from a mysterious vaping related lung failure. The convenience of a good vape cart/pen is undeniable but the monetary cost for a good one is usually steep, and the health cost for a bad one can be your life.

It seems like every time mankind tries to make a dishonest trade with Mary Jane, the plant reminds us that it was perfect before we found it and that picking it apart disrupts its healing flow.


Along comes CannabCo Pharma with their plan to virtually eliminate the flavor and the aroma of actual cannabis buds even after they are burnt. They say they have teamed with an unnamed tech firm to concoct a product they are calling “Purecann” that they say will look and smoke like any other pot, but whose odor will be “virtually undetectable” in the package or once lit.

There is no doubt that IF they can truly bring their vision to fruition there will be a market for their custom cannabis. They picture everyone from housewives to corporate types to clandestine tokers in condos or apartments seeing value in fragrance-free mids and where there is value, there are dollars to be made.

The fact is, they are right, there likely is a large enough sector of this rapidly growing market that would gladly forego the “skunky” smell of weed for some added discretion. They aren’t invited to my sesh, but they’re out there for sure.

In most cases, my attitude is “to each their own’ as long as it isn’t affecting me or others in a negative way… and some boofherder in Ontario definitely isn’t affecting me. But the issue of cannabis odors and aromas is a hot one here in the U.S., particularly here in California where legal outdoor growers are facing backlash from neighbors complaining of the plant’s natural smell.

Additionally, social consumption of legal cannabis remains an unsolved issue. You can get online these days and order legal weed but there is almost nowhere that you can legally smoke it. Unlike tobacco, the secondhand smoke of cannabis is non-toxic but its telltale odor remains taboo to a major chunk of society.

Yes, I want to be able to smoke weed in public. Personally, I don’t want it to be Purecann or anything like it, BUT, I humbly acknowledge that my wants, my needs, and my literal tastes do not represent the entire community of global cannabis consumers.

The powers that be at CannabCo Pharma insist that they are simply offering another choice to cannabis consumers, and choice is hard to argue with. As long as this technology, innovative or not, never interferes with my choices as a cannabis consumer, then I say smoke it if it gets your head right.

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