Canadian Cannabis Lover is Turning Wasteful Pot Packaging into Prosthetic Limbs

In another awesome story of stoner ingenuity, a cannabis friendly Canadian engineer named Jacob Boudreau has turned one of the most negative aspects of the country’s new cannabis laws into something incredibly positive.

As we reported earlier this month, Canada became just the 2nd country in the world to legalize the adult use of cannabis on a nationwide level. Once the big day hit on October 17th, our neighbors to the north flocked to their local – and now legal – pot shops to peruse the goods.

What they found waiting on the shelves was a boring, bland selection of non-descript packaging as the country’s new weed laws expressly prohibit almost all forms of traditional logos and branding in a half-baked attempt to keep kids uninterested.

But even worse than the lack of creativity in Canada’s cannabis packaging, is the absolute bulk associated with it – a problem being seen in many of our own legal cannabis markets.

It is not uncommon to buy a simple, cheap pre-roll just to have to unbox the damn thing from multiple layers of cardboard, plastic, and paper just to get to your doob.

The same goes for every jar of flowers or concentrates sold – loads of excess packaging for a consumable product that is often reupped weekly.

Well, Mr. Boudreau sees the problem that this waste is creating just like everyone else calling it “obscene”, but he has decided to do something about it.

Boudreau is a 3D printing guru and owns a company called Kindness3D.

According to the CBC, Kindness3D is a non-profit chapter of a global network called e-Nable that brings together 3D printer enthusiasts to manufacture prosthetic limbs.

Using an upcycled paper shredder, he has created a method for shredding the plastic waste associated with legal cannabis instead – namely the plastic lids that many Canuck potheads have piling up around them as we speak.

He then dumps all of that shredded plastic into his 3D printer, enters the specific instructions, and the machine does the rest. The result is a fully articulating artificial limb for someone in need around the world.

This isn’t just a pipe dream. Boudreau and Kindness3D have already made the vision a reality and have proudly delivered two functional prosthetic hands – one to a woman in Brazil, and another to a young girl in Costa Rica. They are working now on a prosthetic arm for a girl here in California too.

Boudreau is a Halifax, Nova Scotia resident and has already petitioned the local cannabis oversight authority, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) to set up a donation/collection service for used plastic waste but the entity claims that it doesn’t have the space or the resources for such an endeavor.

Shame on them.

But kudos to Mr. Boudreau for providing yet another example of how you can like weed and still be a good person. We hope that he inspires other provinces in Canada, and the legal markets domestically here in the US, to take a good, hard look at the totally unnecessary waste being created by legal cannabis packaging and what can be done about it.

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