Cali Company Brewing CBD Oil from Hops, Not Pot

A company out of California called Peak Health Foundation has hopped into the booming CBD industry with a product that they say can be sold totally legally across the country.

What’s new, right?

Well, right now the federal government is wrestling with how to deal with the Schedule I filing of cannabis which dictates that the plant then must have zero medicinal benefits, while at the same time allowing the Federal Drug Administration to approve the cannabis-based CBD drug Epidiolex from Britain-based GW Pharmaceutical.

Quite a conflict.

As it stands, CBD medication in all of its various forms, whether derived from hemp or cannabis, is not legal in the eyes of the Feds, regardless of individual state laws.

Stores carrying such products have already been raided this year by various law enforcement agencies that specifically targeted their CBD shelves.

Grassroots cannabis activists warn that the federal government is going to try to find a way to separate CBD from THC, legislatively, in order to keep weed as an easy punching bag for lazy cops and prosecutors.

The Peak Health Foundation may have beaten them to it.

Based out of San Francisco and directed by a man named Dr. Bomi Joseph, the company has located and patented a very specific strain of hop – not cannabis or hemp – that they have bred to be a CBD producer.

That’s right, the same hops that are used to craft beer can also be used to create what Peak Health has dubbed RSHO, or, Real Scientific Humulous Oil that they claim can have positive medicinal benefits for epilepsy.

Well, not exactly the same hops.

The ‘Humulous’ in RSHO refers to a very rare but respected strain of hop called Humulous Yunnanensis that historically was known to exist in China’s Yunnan Province, along the border with India, and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years.

The hop plant is a cousin of cannabis already, so to speak, as they both reside in the flowering cannabaceae fam, and over time the humulous hops would cross-pollinate with wild cannabis and this specific strain of hop plant has, in some phenotypes, retained trace elements of both CBD and THC.

In the 1800’s, during the British occupation of India, a governor named John Sullivan built an estate called Stone House in a place called Ooty in Northern India where he dispatched crews across the region to gather the most medically beneficial plants they could find. The grounds surrounding Stone House became a living, growing, apothecary and soldiers and VIPs would sojourn to the Stone House for rest, relaxation, and healing.

It was during this time that a certain type of Humulous hop was aiding and in some cases curing malaria, and records were kept of such discoveries.

Fast forward 150 years and Dr. Bomi Joseph caught wind of these tales of healing hops, and being of Indian descent himself, knew the region in question. So he set off on a search of his own.

Once back in Northern India he eventually found what he was looking for and took hundreds of samples before striking the CBD he sought. From there they just backcrossed everything over and over until they had boosted the plant’s CBD content to 18%, a respectable number sufficient for extraction purposes.

As mentioned, Dr. Joseph and Peak Health hold the patent on this strain of hop and the manipulation of any other humulous strain in order to produce CBD.

The two main issues we see are:

  1. This is a very new development. Even actual cannabis oils have not been properly studied but they at least have loads of anecdotal evidence behind them and science is catching up quickly. But it remains to be seen if CBD is CBD regardless of its source.

  2. If politicians feel that they can appease advocates and activists by finally de-scheduling CBD, but only in hop form, while still pleasing whatever percentage of pot-haters that make up their base, where will that leave cannabis?

At the end of the day, it is about healing. If this option from Peak Health Foundation does that, we want it in the hands of those in need. This discovery is absolutely groundbreaking and should open doors to researching not just CBD, but other natural healing remedies that may be growing in our own backyards.

Still we can’t let THC take a backseat in the discussion. The entire cannabis plant provides medicinal benefits and it can be bred in an almost endless variety of strains for amazingly specific healing attributes.

Cheers to you, Peak Health Foundation. We can use your help protecting the plant that made this all possible.

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