Bye Bye, Biden... Cannabis Has Spoken

Can you really call them “frontrunners” when there are nearly two dozen of them? Because they somehow failed to recognize the terrible optics and the inevitable cannibalism that the GOP displayed with their horde of presidential candidates in the run up to 2016, now Democrats are following that script and have 29 (!!!) candidates who have either announced their intention to run in 2020 or are likely to do so in the near future.

The field already contains a level of diversity never before seen in a political race with women, ethnic minorities, gay men, and even a dude named Beto, so how is a semi-cranky, old, white-haired, pink-faced dude like former Vice President Joe Biden supposed to stand out from such a compelling crowd?

Democratic Congressman Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D – OR) said last week that the United States will never have another “anti-cannabis” president, but even though the former Veep may not have tossed his dentures into the political arena for 2020 just yet, he has time and again shown that he would not be any friend of cannabis should he get elected to the highest office in the land.

In eight years under President Barack Obama, we rarely heard from or saw much about Joe Biden.

You may recall that way back in 2007, Biden challenged Obama for the Democratic nomination to replace George W. Bush, but Biden was forced to kill his own campaign after he referred to Obama as “articulate” and “clean”, which might not sound so bad to other white people, but made plenty of black people feel like ol’ Joe might not think of them the same way.

Yes, the bar was higher back then – now we have President Pussygrabber – but it was a perfect example of how Joe Biden tends to say exactly what is on his mind, for better or worse.

With a Senate record dating back to the early 1980’s, however, we don’t have to wait for another Biden gaffe to learn his true thoughts on cannabis.

With nearly a half a century in public office, Biden has been a chief architect in the failed War on Drugs and his policies have directly led to rampant corruption and racial abuse and discrimination in our criminal justice system still in effect today.

He personally pushed hard for stricter sentencing on crack cocaine instead of powdered coke since black kids smoke rocks and country club kids bump keys.

Ironically, it is cannabis legalization efforts that are finally addressing this imbalance and forcing communities to consider expungement and other methods of retroactive criminal justice reform.

Still, Biden, ain’t down with the dank, saying in 2010, “I think legalization is a mistake. I still believe [marijuana] is a gateway drug.”

But, to be fair, 2010, was like, a loooong time ago, right Joe?

Fast forward to current day, when a lot of people’s opinions about cannabis have evolved over the past decade, and you’ll find 76-year-old fossil and presidential hopeful Joe Biden sitting on a panel at an opioid crisis forum last Thursday.

When the topic of cannabis was raised as a possible alternative to dangerously addictive opioids for treating patients suffering from pain, a psychobiology professor named Bertha Madras took over the panel discussion with a rant about how cannabis does not alleviate pain at all and that cannabis use only leads to deeper addiction with pain pills.

Biden disgustedly shook his head, removed his lapel microphone, and left the stage in protest.

The relevant exchange begins at 1:12:00

Just kidding, no he didn’t. Instead he nudged the woman next to him (another problem of Joe’s), seeming to mumble “She’s right” as the panel speaker dove deeper into prohibition-speak. Once she was done yammering, she was rewarded with a healthy round of applause from the man who hopes to lead this country after our next election.

Just how effective cannabis can be in treating pain has yet to be determined in full, due entirely to the federal prohibition of cannabis put in place by career politicians like Biden that limit the research that can be done on the plant.

Some might call it a stranglehold, Biden would call it a neck massage.

What we know for sure is that 2/3rds of Americans support full-scale legalization of the plant and that is evidenced by 33 states enacting their own medical marijuana laws and 10 taking it to the next level and legalizing all adult use of cannabis.

So maybe Biden knows some math that we don’t but it sure will be hard to win a majority when a main plank issue of the 2020 election shows 66% of the country laughing at him.

At that same painkiller panel discussion last week, Biden pulled a Biden when asked if there was one thing that he wished more people knew about opioids, and he blurted, “A little pain is not bad."

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some from of chronic pain - I wonder how many of them vote...

Biden has enjoyed a bit of a bump in popularity since leaving the White House in 2016, based mostly on complimentary internet memes, but the man just cannot get out of his own way once you hand him a microphone and we already have one of those in office.

Bye bye, Biden – the plant has spoken.

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