Alabama Top Cop Busted with Pot

It’s safe to say that police officers, in general, are probably not very weed friendly.

The level of legality of marijuana varies pretty wildly from state to state, but you would be hard pressed to find a more cannabis-backward state than Alabama, so you can only imagine how those cops treat it.

All except for one, that is, and he happens to live in a small town called Odenville, Alabama and he happens to be the Police Chief in an even smaller town called Lipscomb, Alabama.

Now, Lipscomb, Alabama ain’t no Tuscaloosa. And Tuscaloosa ain’t no Birmingham. And B’ham sure as shit ain’t no Hollywood. See what we’re gettin’ at is that there ain’t a whole lot to do in Lipscomb or Odenville after a long day of bustin’ potheads so what’s a guy to do?

Following a tip that he’s acting way too cool to be a cop, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) officers executed a search warrant last month on the home of Chief Brian “Scott” Martin and discovered two different stashes of cannabis and the tools to smoke it with.

Unfortunately for Chief Martin, Alabama has no real medical marijuana law to protect him. In fact, illegal possession of ANY amount of weed is a misdemeanor in the state, carrying a potential one year jail sentence and $6,000 fine.

Interestingly, the state law ups the penalty severely if that cannabis is deemed to be intended for “other than personal use”. That’s a very vague descriptor but the additional penalty is brutal – a mandatory minimum 1 -10 year sentence behind bars and a $15,000 fine.

So, as reported, two separate stashes were found in a house that Chief Martin was apparently sharing with a 33 year old woman and a young boy who were found inside with Martin when his co-workers paid an unexpected visit.

The first was weed and a bong hidden under the sink in the master bathroom.

Pretty personal there.

The second stash, however, was found in his car.

No, not his ‘personal’ car, his squad car.

That’s right. The search revealed another chunk of buds and another bong, stuffed under a gun safe beneath a seat in the Chief’s patrol car alongside an open but unmarked evidence bag.


Martin was arrested and booked into the local jail on 2nd degree charges of possession of cannabis and paraphernalia, but was released on a $1,500 bond. He awaits the results of an internal investigation and is on leave (paid or unpaid is not clear) until a determination is made.

He initially denied any knowledge of any cannabis in the home or the car. When pressed, his story changed and he admitted to the master bath stash – but still denies the secondary in the squad car.

So, what do you guys think?

Mandatory minimum, right?

At the very least, it could result in four misdemeanor charges (2x cannabis, 2x paraphernalia), each with a potential 1 year term and $6k fine.

Plus, if convicted of any of the charges, the state law says he must relinquish his driver’s license for 6 months.

This 37-year old whiteboy in blue will surely get the very same treatment as the people he arrests on the very same charges, right? Because, in Alabama, blacks are arrested for cannabis possession 4.4x more often than whites, even though all studies show that:

  1. We are all human

  2. We all smoke relatively identical amounts of weed, regardless of race

Police Chief or not, we don’t wish this punishment onto ANYONE over their personal use of the cannabis plant.

We’d rather have cops on pot than any other mood enhancer we can think of, but this case is ripe for some good ol’ boy southern corruption so we’ll see how far the scales of justice tilt once the dust settles in St. Clair County.

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