12 Year Old in Florida Facing 7 Felony Counts for Cannabis

When it comes to weed in Florida, authorities there do not care if you are an adult or a child if you break the law.

One case that perfectly illustrates this is making headlines down south right now as a 12-year-old 7th grade middle school student in Mulberry, Florida is facing 7 felony charges and a misdemeanor over one cannabis infused edible.

The student at the heart of the controversy allegedly brought a 100mg gummy style edible to school and distributed portions of it to at least six other students – four females and two males – on school grounds during gym class.

The product involved is from a company named Green Hornet, and was packaged in the form of ten individual 10mg gummy cubes, for a total of 100mg. The student in question alleges that he did not eat any of them himself, he just handed them out to his peers.

School officials were clued in when several of those who had ingested the gummies began showing signs of dizziness, nausea, and anxiety. One of them pointed the finger at the gummy-smuggler and the investigation began.

The torn packaging was found in a trash can by detectives, and according to an administrator, all of the product had been consumed.

Emergency crews were called to the campus, along with local law enforcement. Five of the six students who ate the candies were taken to a local hospital where, let’s face it, nothing happened and they were just fine after a while.

Florida law does not allow for this sort of cannabis infused candy, and sure enough, the packaging clearly states that the product is manufactured based on Prop 215 and SB 420, two decades old medical marijuana laws from California.

As a result, they are treating the candy the same as they would treat hash oil and they are treating this kid like they would an adult and they are treating their legal system as if it is not a damn joke.

So this 12-year-old who clearly made a poor decision is facing six felony counts of distribution of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school, plus another felony count for possession of “marijuana resin”, and a misdemeanor for possession of paraphernalia.

While we doubt that this young man will end up doing hard time in a federal prison over this, it is not going to end well for him as the state and anti-cannabis activists will be looking to make an example of the situation for their own political point scoring.

Where the kid got the gummies is still under investigation, but his parents have been cleared as suspects. So, for now, the weight of it all is on his shoulders.

He is too young to realize how much damage has been and will be done by this one bad decision as prohibitionists finally have the boogeyman they’ve been begging for all these years.

Take a look at Grady Judd, the Sheriff of Polk County where this incident occurred. In the wake of it all, he slaps himself on the back, saying, “We have long been concerned about the dangers of marijuana-infused candy, and that it would get into the hands of, and poison, children. Here's an example of that.”

Poison, he says.

Polk County Schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd warned parents to “monitor their children’s online activity to see what they may be purchasing” as if there is some secret kids menu on California dispensary websites with ultra-discreet shipping options for tots.

Look, there is no doubt that Mrs. Byrd and Sheriff Judd have the safety and best interests of local kids in mind when they say what they say. And nobody in their right mind will argue in favor of 12 year old kids dosing each other with THC gummies at 10am in gym class. But the reality is, school bleachers are the home to hidden beers, flasks, and Juul pods from coast to coast, with kids getting busted for them every day in this country. But those don’t make headlines and they certainly don’t lead to a stack of felony charges.

Byrd, Judd, and anyone else concerned about cannabis getting into the hands of kids should be the staunchest supporters of legalizing and regulating the production, sale, and use of cannabis for all adults.

And if they are truly concerned about the kids, they should be at the front of the picket lines protesting for criminal justice reforms in Florida and anywhere else that would make a felony out of a harmless childhood mistake.

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