Washington State Kills Cannabis Infused Candies

The Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board dropped the hammer on the edibles sector of the legal marijuana industry in the state. In an announcement on Wednesday of this week, the Board specifically banned the production and sale of all cannabis infused hard candies, gummy candies, or anything that they deem may be “appealing to children” based on things as arbitrary as “color”. The edibles market in Washington State makes up roughly 9% of the total cannabis sector, but tha

Landmark Federal Court Ruling Sets Powerful Precedent to Protect Cannabis Users

With the popularity of cannabis use on the rise across all adult demographics worldwide, more and more employers are dropping marijuana from the list of substances tested for during pre-employment drug testing. Hell, even police departments from Canada to Chicago are starting to recognize that it is preposterous to ban law enforcement officers from legally using cannabis in their own free time. But even though 31 states along with D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico have implemented m

"Good 8th, Mate!" Will Australia Beat America to Federal Cannabis Legalization?

Aside from Funnel Web Spiders, Bull Sharks, Brown Snakes, Box Jellyfish, Saltwater Crocodiles, Death Adders or just a random baby-eating dingo, Australia is a pretty chill place. To deal with such a slew of killer creatures, and to make Vegemite taste better, it is estimated that roughly 1/3rd of Aussies over the age of 22 have used cannabis in the past year. The same stats posit that over 750,000 of them use it weekly and 300,000 smoke weed daily down under. Like in many par

Arizona MMJ Industry Shrugs Off Court Ruling Outlawing Cannabis Extracts

Last week the Arizona Court of Appeals issued a definitive ruling stating that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) does not expressly address or include what they dub “hashish”, and therefore all forms of cannabis extracts are now illegal in the state. This week pretty much everyone involved in the state’s thriving cannabis industry vowed to ignore that ruling and continue to do business as usual. The Appeals Court had their say on the matter but the decision will certai

Florida Cannabis Industry by the Numbers

With the numbers now in through May in Florida, the state health department’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use reports that it is blazing through somewhere around 5,400 new MMJ patient applications each week. Some quick math tells you that at this rate, the Sunshine State stands to add somewhere between 250,000 – 300,000 new legally registered medical marijuana patients over the course of the next year alone. Sure enough, they’ve already got 91,000 of them on the books accordi